Clark University Scholarships 2022-2023 (Fully Funded)

Clark University Scholarships 2022-2023 (Fully Funded)

Start your undergraduate study journey in the USA. Good news! The Clark Global Scholarship Program is currently open. In this article, we will explain more about this bursary, its benefits and the step-by-step application process.

Clark University Scholarships 2022-2023 is fully funded by undergraduate undergraduate students. This scholarship program covers $ 15,000 to $ 25,000 per year for four years, subject to meeting rehabilitation education standards.

Clark University was founded in 1887 as the first full-time institution in the country. We have come a long way in the past, but one thing has never wavered: Our commitment to a rewarding education that leads to positive change in our society and our world.

Summary of Scholarship

  • Study Level: Undergraduate
  • Institutions: Clark University
  • Read in: Massachusetts, USA
  • Courses Offered: Eligible Bachelor Programs offered at the University
  • Program Period: Four years
  • Deadline: November 15, 2022 / January 1, 2022

Scholarship Coverage

The Clark Global Scholarship Program, provides the recipient with the following benefits:

  • If you are accepted into the Global Scholars Program, you will receive a scholarship of $ 15,000 to $ 25,000 per year (four years, depending on meeting academic qualifications).
  • If your financial need is greater than the value of the Global Scholars Award, you may be eligible for another $ 5,000 based on need-based financial aid.

Eligibility Criteria for the Clark Global Scholarship Program

To qualify for the Clark Global Scholarship Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All countries of the world.
  • To qualify, you must be a first-year applicant (not a transfer student) who has studied abroad for at least four years. Clark will also consider the international citizens of the United States.
  • You also have to show your ability to provide leadership in your community and in the world and commit to making a difference.
  • You need to show good results in lessons and activities.
  • Your eligibility for bursaries depends on your academic achievement (those indicated on your application for admission), not on your family’s need. However, foreign students who may be eligible for bursaries are still expected to demonstrate the ability to cover a significant percentage of their education costs. This includes students who wish to be considered for the Presidential LEEP Scholarship or the Global Scholars Program.

How do you apply for the Clark Global Scholarship Program?

Please follow the following instructions to apply for the Clark Global Scholarship Program:

  1. You need first to create an account here.
  2. Complete the College Scholarship Service (CSS)/Financial Aid PROFILE form.
  3. Complete and submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE by your deadline.
  4. you will find detailed information – including the title of a short article – on how to apply for a bursary.

Note: Use 3279 to get the Clark CSS Code.


To find out more about the Clark Global Scholarship Program, please visit the official website:

Official Website

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