Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2023 in France

Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2023 in France

The Emile Botami Scholarship Program welcomes international students to study in France on a fully funded scholarship. The call for Emile Botami Scholarship 2023, France is open until 10 April 2023. The scholarship is available for Bachelors and Masters degree programs at Science Po University. The SciencePo University is a public university in Paris, France. Students from all international countries outside the European Union are eligible to apply. Must be outside the EU. Sciences Po ranks first in most majors in France. Duration of undergraduate scholarship is 3 years, MS degree is 2 years. You can apply online for this scholarship in France.Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2023 in France

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The Sci-Po Scholarship will not be awarded automatically. You have to apply for Sci-Po applications and select “Emile Bottomey Scholarship” in the financial section or you can also select other scholarships in the financial sections like the Eiffel Scholarship. All academic fields are available entirely in English language. Details about Emile Botami Scholarship in France 2023 are available below.


Details about Emile Botami Scholarship 2023, France

Country: Paris, France
University: Science Po University
Course Level: Bachelor, Master
Deadline: 22 February 2023 (for Undergraduates), 30 November 2022 (for Masters)

Sci-Po University is also known as the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

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Financial coverage

The following coverage will be provided to students applying for the Emile Bottomey University Scholarship 2023.

Affordable housing conveniently close to campus.
Candidates are encouraged to participate in sports activities.

Scholarship for Bachelor Degree Program

Tuition fee grant will be given to the candidates .

Scholarship for Master’s Degree Program

Candidates will be awarded a tuition fee grant of €12,200 per year for the full two years.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship, students, first-time applicants, must be from a non-EU state, whose household does not file taxes within the EU, and who have been admitted to an undergraduate or Masters programme.

The scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships (Eiffel Scholarship, AEFE Scholarship, BGF…) unless decided by the jury.
This scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit and according to the type of profile required for the program.
This scholarship is not awarded automatically: candidates must indicate their desire to apply directly in their online Bachelor’s or Master’s application form.

Following is the application period for the Emile Bottomey Scholarship 2023.


Deadline for undergraduates (applicants from foreign secondary schools): 22 February 2023.

Deadline for undergraduates (applicants from French secondary schools): 10 April 2023.

Deadline for Master: 30 November 2022.

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Required Documents

income proof
curriculum vitae.
Official transcripts and certificates.
Copy of passport.
A scholarly reference.

How to Apply (Application Process)

The application process is online and may differ for undergraduates and graduates. Please visit the button below for complete application process.


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