How to Write Academic CV for Scholarship (12 Examples)

How to Write Academic CV for Scholarship (12 Examples)

When you apply for a bursary, your CV (Curriculum Vitae or Resume) usually serves as the first filter you need to comply with the basic requirements of the call, that your mood is consistent with the program you want to use and that you are a strong academic, professional and personal candidate.

The Academic CV for the bursary should be short and clear. It is recommended to use the Times New Roman font with letters, bold capital letters and uppercase letters to indicate the relevant information to the reader. Information should be in sequence. Do not fall victim to clichés but express something different about yourself.

The role of an academic CV is to draw the attention of the study provider to the continuation of the Motivation Letter, which is aimed at convincing him or her that your choice is the most displayed of all. A poorly planned educational CV may contribute to the rejection of learning.

This makes the CV one of the most important documents in the evaluation process. We want to tell you tips based on our experience of winning bursaries and successfully advising other people on their application processes.

Contemplate this notion as you interact with your Education CV

Before you start rewriting your resume, you should check yourself and determine the features of your professional, academic and personal knowledge that you will put on paper.

Initially you should gather as much information as possible to get a broader idea of ​​what you are offering, and then you should choose which one to display and how to do it. Remember that a learning provider has a last word, so research about him or her and the profile he or she wants. Based on this, select and highlight the most relevant skills and knowledge in the Curriculum Vitae (CV).

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You can start research by reading the description of the bursary and its requirements very well. You can also check the profiles of other partners studying in that bursary. Most of the time bursary providers publish articles or videos of the institute where other academics share their knowledge and that is your chance to analyze their profile.

When doing your research identify key words and write them down in the list, so you know how to handle your CV (restart). For example, you will know if you should focus more on education, professional or personal skills and knowledge. It can also help you, for example, to know whether you should show more as a researcher, leader, intellectual or social observer.

How do you edit your Academic Scholarship CV?

All CVs should have three sections: contact details, education and job information. However, I recommend that you add other sections that make it easier for the student to see relevant features such as: Certificates and Gratitude, Volunteering and other experiences, Software and Language Skills.

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At the top of the page or headline you should show your full name and contact details such as address, phone and email. Avoid putting words like “CV”, “Curriculum Vitae” or “Resume” that do not make you look professional.


It is usually best because it will allow you to show that you are meeting the basic entry requirements. For example, if you apply for a PhD, you have already completed a Master’s degree; or if you apply for a master’s degree, you have already completed your degree.

Write down only the title found, the institution, the year of graduation, and the city and country in which you studied. Add special recognition or your qualifications, if they stand out.

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Work experience:

Do not just describe the work you have done, but include your achievements and measurable results. By this you show the reader that you are leaving a track where you work and you know the impact of your work. Rewrite it as a first person, but avoid using “I”. Remember that it is about what you did, therefore, you are the main character of what you present.

For example, instead of writing “sales and events organization” it is better to write “I increased sales by 20% at the same time last year and planned events with more than 500,000 USD budgets.” Always refer to factual facts.


Indicate the languages ​​you speak at the appropriate level: indigenous, basic, intermediate or advanced. Avoid getting into numbers that make it difficult for the reader to understand.

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Personal Skills:

As you describe your technical skills, also state your personal skills. This section is important so that the reader can quickly see that he or she has a favorite profile. In addition, with this you can also show self-awareness and balance.

Other Important Categories:

If you have written a publication or been awarded prizes or certificates in connection with your formal academic training, you can organize them into sections to highlight your achievements. Also provide links (DOI numbers) for your publications if available. Similarly, if you have knowledge of after-school or volunteer work, I recommend that you organize yourself into another category to quickly reflect your work and public awareness.

Should I include a Professional Profile on a Scholarship CV?

A professional profile is a stage where some people decide to start their CV in the form of a presentation. However, it may be a review of what you will definitely write in your inspirational book. For this reason and because the CV is about as short as possible, I will avoid putting it on the CV. But if you want to use it, do not write more than one paragraph or five lines of text.

Should I submit my photo to the Academic CV Scholarship?

Depending on the image, it depends on the phone, the facility and the country in which you are applying. But in general, I recommend that you put a professional photo on your CV that will help the reader have an idea of ​​who is speaking. The picture should be the one you come from with a friendly and enjoyable act. Avoid forced smiles and serious gestures.

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How do you write a Scholarship Winning CV?

A poorly planned educational CV may contribute to the rejection of learning. We have identified 8 ways to make your academic CV (resume) sound efficient and powerful.

  1. Short and concise: Depending on the number of applications, your CV reader can only spend 30 seconds reading it. That is why you should try to put all the content in the top 2 pages.
  2. Simple format, but NOT flat. Use letters, capital letters and uppercase letters to indicate relevant information to the reader. It is also recommended that you use more than one column and divide the sections clearly to make it easier to read. Avoid unusual designs and color combinations, unless you are using it in an art program.
  3. Specify the information you send. Displays centers, topics and dates. Information should be in order from the most recent to the oldest.
  4. Use the right time. Tasks that you have not yet done should be past and present. It looks silly but it is possible.
    Check spelling. Whether you write in English, your spelling says a lot about how you communicate and the level of language proficiency. Since self-correction does not always work, ask your friends and professor to review each word and phrase.
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  6. Don’t be a victim of clichés: For example, you should not write sentences like, “If I am given a chance, I will show that I am smart” or “I am interested in it”. Instead, express something different about yourself.
  7. Don’t show good emails in your Resume: Most of us these days have email IDs when we are 12-13 years old.
  8. Those days of life were really funny we tried emails with peppy, sweet id. Most of us keep those funny emails like, etc. This sounds totally inappropriate. Create an email id that says your name easily. Apply that to your resume.
  9. Let your continuity look the same: Use a regular font for all the points mentioned in your resume. Times New Roman size 12 looks decent. Go for this. You may have a slightly larger font (Times Times Roman 14) for footnotes.

Sample Education CV Samples: has compiled a list of study CV samples on the websites of the top universities in the world. This includes a sample CV for a major bursary and a CV sample for a PhD bursary. These can also be converted to a sample CV for an undergraduate scholarship with minor modifications. We hope this list will help you to write a successful and winning study CV for a scholarship.

Good News! shares with you an excellent example of an educational CV. I hope this will help you a lot in preparing your bursary application.

Now is your chance!

We are confident that these tips and resources will help you pull out a complete academic CV for a scholarship. Remember that a CV is very important and will make or break your chances of winning a scholarship. Spend some time meditating on the points mentioned in the article and come up with a clever CV.

Wishing you Success!!

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