IU Germany Scholarships Fully Funded | Free Study In Germany

IU Germany Scholarships Fully Funded | Free Study In Germany

Now start the online application for IU Germany Fully Funded Scholarships, This is a fully funded scholarship. IU stands for International University. IU Global University of Applied Sciences is a private state university of applied sciences located in Erfurt, Germany. Do you know about Online Learning – Distance Learning is now much further in Trend. Because due to the global recession, exclusive flights, tuition fees and accommodation prices, candidates cannot manage all these amounts.

But with the university IU Germany. With coverage of at least 70% and shifting additional expenses to housing, commuting and some university expenses, online learning is another cost-effective optimal solution. This is one of the first class universities that now offer scholarships online or on campus. Therefore, the flexibility of online studies allows you to try things out and discover your unique approach to learning.

Through IU’s online study courses, you can choose between part-time and study models and choose the one that suits your requirements. They represent a major portfolio of online bachelor’s, master’s and MBA degree programs with well over 50 qualified programs in English. All of these programs are hands-on, case study-based learning that will enable you to acquire skills and knowledge relevant to today’s job market. While studying and working in Germany, IU University graduates have an income of 45,000 Euros.

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Details on IU University Scholarships

Scholarship Country: Germany
University: IU International University of Applied Sciences
Degree: Bachelor, Master, MBA


IU is proud to have extended its 5-star rating for online learning from QS
Making 94% of our titles available online
quality online study and complete services and funding for candidates.
IU offers you the freedom to study wherever and whenever you choose, but also gives you full support

when you want it most.


Did you know IU’s current study coaching? They have a group of qualified and professional study coaches who will teach you how to organize and manage your studies.

IU is the only university to receive the Service Award 2022 from the German Community for Consumer Studies (DtGV), recognizing its excellence as a training provider with a digital learning platform, dedicated academic staff and expert study coaches.

Benefits of IU Germany Scholarships

IU suggests 96% of its applicants. Additionally, 94% of IU graduates are looking for work within the first 3 months of graduation, and after 2 years, an average of 80% have taken on management roles.

90% of IU graduates receive assistance in their first 3 years, with an average income increase of 10% per year.

Current online study experience at IU! Sign up now for a free 4-week trial and up to 80% off tuition!

How to sign up

If you like more details and if you need more information. You can contact IU Germany University. An elastic path to success: IU study models and programs work for you. To use: Check a Visit Here

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