Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2022-2023

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2022-2023

There is amazing news for all those students who are looking for a Full Scholarship in Switzerland. Applicants are now warmly welcomed to apply for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for the 2022-2023 Academic Year in Switzerland. There are about 500 Masters and PhD Degree scholarships sponsored by the Swiss Government.

The Swiss Government Scholarship is a highly respected scholarship. All costs will be covered by the Swiss government. There is no application fee. You can study any field in any field under the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are open to foreign students to obtain master’s and PhD degrees in more than 180 countries. Graduates from the highly regarded Swiss universities. Therefore, people who were expecting explosions could end up applying.

We have also written and attached some guidelines and suggestions on how to apply and protect our opportunities through the Swiss Government Scholarship. Switzerland has one of the highest education programs in Europe. Full details of the Swiss Government Scholarship are provided below.

Details of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

  • Host Country: Switzerland
  • Scholarship Number: 500
  • Fundraising: Fully Funded
  • Degree Level: Masters, Ph.D, Postdoc and Research Degree
  • Deadline: Given below

Lesson Level

  • Swiss Government Excellence Research Scholarships for foreign students
  • Swiss Government Excellence PhD. Scholarships for Foreign Students
  • Swiss Government Excellence Postdoctoral Scholarships for Foreign Researchers
  • Swiss Government Excellence Art Studies

Duration of the Swiss Government Scholarship

  • With Post-Doctoral Scholarships in Switzerland: 12 months
  • With Research Bursaries in Switzerland: 12 Months Maximum
  • Medical Studies in Switzerland: 12 months extend to up to 36 months depending on the results of the course obtained.

Financial Management From the Swiss Government

The Swiss government offers full-time scholarships for international students in Switzerland and will cover all costs provided below:

  • Cancellation of Tuition Fees
  • Monthly Fee
  • Health insurance
  • Housing Fees
  • Research Fund
  • Traveling Tickets
  • Accommodation fees

Types of Swiss Scholarship

Research Scholarships: Research Scholarships are available to postgraduate researchers in any field (at least with a master’s degree).
Art Scholarships: Art Scholarship is open to art students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in Switzerland.
Qualifications for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

Eligibility for Swiss government bursaries varies from country to country.

If you want to check the eligibility criteria for your country, you can select your country:

Select Your Country: Countries A – L / Countries M – Z


Important Tips and Application for Swiss Government Studies

Letter of Admission: First of all, applicants need a Letter of Recognition / Receipt from a Swiss Professor.

Professor’s Contact Tips: From experience over the years, we have noticed that most of the time, experts have already welcomed another student from another country, because it is too late to email and entertain them OR there is no need to waste time. understanding a professor’s profile and linking his or her profile with your work.

If you start contacting a professor in Switzerland at least a week and sending him an email, you can easily get a response from a Swiss professor 2022-2023.

How can you write emails to the Professor?

Please take a closer look at the links provided.


English IELTS / TOEFL schools, etc. they are obligatory, but send an email to the Swiss authorities or Swiss universities to inquire whether they are suspending due to COVID).


FCS will select candidates for the 2022-23 academic year scholarship at the end of May 2022. Bursaries for the 2023-24 academic year will be advertised online from August 2022.

How to apply!

The application process is online and unique and in each country designated by the Swiss authorities. To apply for a bursary, please  visit the Official website of the Switzerland Government Excellence Scholarship.

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